Who is a Supervisor?

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A Supervisor, being the manager in a direct contact with the operatives, has got multifarious function to perform. The objective behind performance of these functions is to bring stability and soundness in the organization which can be secured through increase in profits which is an end result of higher productivity. So it’s a job of high priority and responsibility all throughout the management processes of any organization and a supervisor therefore should be well aware of all his/her responsibilities and should be very educated about the kind of job tasks he has to perform. So proper education and training is of great importance.

Considering the job tasks and duties that a supervisor is entitled with, they can be categorized as follows.

  • Planning and Organizing – It’s the duty of a supervisor to plan the daily work schedule of the employees by guiding them the nature of their work and also dividing the work amongst the workers according to their interests, aptitudes, skills and interests.
  • Provision of working conditions – The physical setting of the factory and in arranging the physical resources at right place is a duty of the supervisor. This involves providing proper sitting place, ventilation, lighting, water facilities etc. to workers. His main responsibility is here to provide healthy and hygienic condition to the workers.
  • Leadership and Guidance – A supervisor is the leader of workers under him. He leads the workers and influences them to work their best. He also guides the workers by fixing production targets and by providing them instruction and guidelines to achieve those targets.
  • Motivation – A supervisor should provide different incentives to workers to perform better. There are different monetary and non-monetary incentives which can inspire the workers to work better. And he/she should always consider the mentality of any employee and make sure that they are in the correct mind set and pleased with the workplace and its environment so that the employees can put their total concentration and energy to work performance.
  • Controlling – Controlling is an important function performed by supervisor. This will involve
  • Recording the actual performance against the time schedule.
  • Checking of progress of work.
  • Finding out deviations if any and making solutions
  • If not independently solved, reporting it to top management.
  • Grievance Handling – The supervisor can handle the grievances of the workers effectively for this he has to do the following things :-
  • He can be in direct touch with workers.
  • By winning the confidence of the workers by solving their problems.
  • By taking worker problems on humanitarian grounds.
  • If he cannot tackle it independently, he can take the help and advice of management to solve it.
  • Reporting – A supervisor has got an important role to report about the cost, quality and any such output which can be responsible for increasing productivity. As he/she acts as the linking channel between the higher management and the employees, factors like cost, output, performance, quality, etc. can be reported continually to the management.
  • Introducing new work methods – The supervisor here has to be conscious about the environment of market and competition present. Therefore he can innovate the techniques of production. He can shift the workers into fresh schedules whenever possible. He can also try this best to keep on changing and improving to the physical environment around the workers. This will result in
  1. Higher productivity,
  2. High Morale of Workers,
  3. Satisfying working condition,
  4. Improving human relations,
  5. Higher Profits, and
  6. High Stability
  • Enforcing Discipline – A supervisor can undertake many steps to maintain discipline in the concern by regulating checks and measures, strictness in orders and instructions, keeping an account of general discipline of factory, implementing penalties and punishments for the indiscipline workers. All these above steps help in improving the overall discipline of the factory.
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Responsibilities of a supervisor

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Every company follows a particular hierarchy of employees. And this hierarchy defines the scope of work. With the position and the scope of work comes the responsibility and accountability of the work given to them. Talking about one such important position is that of a supervisor. They are the leaders for general employees and grass root workers. Leaders have to give them rest direction, focus and also be a mediator between the administrative rung and the workers. essay writing service nursing They not only take up the hiring and firing responsibility they are also responsible for the productivity of the workers.

They are termed as bad guys of the company as they mediate the news of firing directly to the workers and often face their wrath. These employees in the middle management may get more pay from the rest of the workers but have to face a lot of unpleasantness from both sides. They also have to be the onlookers for safety at workplace and make sure that sufficient prevention methods are taken care of to ensure healthy and safe workplaces.

So to become a supervisor it is certainly necessary to understand the depth of the responsibilities of the job and therefore arises the need for professional courses which will certify them in this regard. This vital player in the organization needs a proper training to learn all about the job and how to deal with the responsibilities. About reporting systems to the top management and also how to keep the workers at the base level happy and highly productive.

These supervisor courses are therefore designed so that the supervisors can get the best of the employee team he is working with. To perform this role efficiently it needs leadership acumen and also the knowledge of handling people. These courses usually cover all the topics that are necessary for a supervisor to be attuned with before committing himself n such a post. Case studies, exercises, practical examples are furnished through the course curriculum to help the participant develop the required skills.

So if you have desires of becoming a future supervisor then you must take one such course which will prepare you are equip you with the necessary knowledge. There is facility of such online course also where you will be able to take the course in your own pace according to suitability of time. There will be assessments and interactive games that will test your abilities from this too. Such certificates are regarded of much importance when applying jobs in the global markets and mostly in the Australian markets.

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The role of a supervisor

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The role of a supervisorcan change and differ according to the organizations and from company to company in a very drastic manner. But the overall responsibilities being, to oversee the actual work the company produces, train new employees in their jobs, give performance reviews, and create work schedules mainly. The supervisor in some settings may do some of the work, or they may merely implement management’s wishes and work on employee training and production, acting as a go-between for employees and managers, and occasionally assist with work as needed. Depending on each company definition and the job description, the supervisors may have a huge responsibility or else a very little over the organizational process. Sometimes a supervisor is restricted to a mere management level position in the company and no other responsibilities are expected from them. In larger companies, supervisors can have numerous tasks. They may need to address employee problems directly, taking disciplinary action when necessary. They’re often involved in the hiring process of new employees and may sit on a panel with managers and other supervisors to make choices about who gets hired. They implement employee safety recommendations, and naturally they give orders as requested by heads or managers of companies.

A supervisor mainly doesn’t hire and fire people. And they do not at least take the hiring and firing decisions in the organization but they have the unpleasant duty of informing the employee about their termination of work which they need to perform but usually done at major dislike. A supervisor also does not usually get to make decisions about employee raises, except that they may recommend an amount to managers based on employee performance. They do not have the control over the budget so certain managerial decisions cannot be overridden by the supervisors even regarding work under his command.

It is true that supervisors often have to be “the bad guy” in an organization, and have many disagreeable tasks to perform to appease upper level management. Even a good supervisor can be disliked by employees as a pawn of the management, and be at the same time, under constant pressure from the management to improve work output. It can be a disagreeable position in some cases, because it may not win you a lot of friends. The term middle management may refer to supervisors with a lot of power, but generally, this position is just a step above the average employee. He or she fields employee complaints and tries to take legitimate issues to management, but this doesn’t mean the supervisor has any control over outcome of complaints or noted issues.

Even though the job is not much favored by the subordinates and supervisors are considered as all-time bad news providers, pay is usually higher than for that of the average employee, which can provide additional incentive to take a supervisory job. The position may be viewed as the first step toward upper level management jobs.

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Supervision training

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The keys to successfully supervising others are being able to effectively delegate, managing time, setting clear goals & expectations and resolving conflict. But sad to say, that in most of the cases we see that great team members among the group of employees are promoted as supervisors regardless of the fact that it is a completely different task which requires different capabilities and skills. And Supervision Training Courses help people in Supervisory roles improve their skills, confidence and general management abilities and teaches conflict resolution strategies, how to set SMART goals, providing informal feedback and much more. As you see even at a glance, these courses are really an investment that one would need to make to reach something advanced and of the highest standard in one’s career related to supervision.

Supervision training courses are of many learning outcomes. The amounts of benefits you may have following such a course are numerous and few can be stated as follows.

  • Learn how to set clear expectations for team members- while your role as a supervisor is to supervise your employees and to see whether the proper procedures and practices are being carried out. The ultimate goal being to guide the employees to work for the achievement of the overall co-operate objective, it is a must to learn how to set clear expectations for team members whilst being clear to both you and the member.
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals for team members that motivate & inspire dedication-motivation too is considered as one of the major tasks of a supervisor, rather than noticing the misconducts and reporting them, it is also expected to motivate for dedication and best performance and guide the employees to the correct path.
  • Learn effective ways of assigning work that’s modified according to each employee & situation- work shouldn’t be assigned because it has to and because some work must be given to every employee. Work allocation must be done with care and concern and each of the employee situations as well as capacity and capability of working must be considered.
  • Master techniques to delegate effectively & confidently- this is the place where supervisors become different from any other managerial staff member in the organization and we say that supervision require special skills and attitudes. Delegation techniques have to be mastered to be considered as a proper supervisor.
  • Develop approaches to conducting formal feedback sessions- an organization may depend on the feedback and the strategic plans as well as organizational visions and missions may be set according to the feedback scored after a certain period of time sometimes. In cases as such, feedback sessions have to be conducted and those skills have to be developed.
  • Learn how to provide informal, constructive feedback
  • Develop priorities & time management strategies as a team leader
  • Establish conflict resolution strategies- conflicts are always happening in organizations and no matter big or small, for the smooth running of the organization, these disputes are requested to be solved immediately and it’s the supervisor’s duty to establish strategies for the resolution of these.

These can be stated as the basic requirements and job essentials that need to be carried out by the supervisors and by flowing any supervision skill development course, you are likely to sharpen your skills on the above mentioned areas.

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How to become a good supervisor?

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When an employee is promoted up to the supervisor level, no one knows what it is all about and what skills and knowledge you need on the subject at the beginning. So step by step such qualities and skills have to be developed within an individual for the better performance on a supervisory role. When learning to be a good supervisor, it is helpful to keep in mind the things that past supervisors have done that you liked and those that you have not liked so you can use those experiences to guide your decisions as a supervisor and to make sure that the human resource in the organization accepts it.

To begin with, one should be the master and controller of one’s own self. First step is to understand you and tame yourself before trying to manipulate other people. Having a clear understand about yourself and then looking at the other people with the general idea about ourselves in mind is the key of success for a supervisor. If you are too quiet, you will need to work on becoming more outgoing and decisive. If you are too decisive, to the point where you scare people, you will need to work on toning yourself down. You want to become a thoughtful, considerate leader who knows where you are going and is able to communicate that properly to the team.

And the next step is to have a clear goal and an objective for you to be achieved with a specific time frame as a supervisor. You goal can be simple but it has to be meaningful and with a long term or short term vision about the development process of the organization. Having set a goal and an objective the next step has to be sound communication to pass out the message and your goal to your subordinates. The employees working under you too should have a clear understanding about your goals and what you expect from them in the business level. You have to be able to repeat the message at meetings, in newsletters and in general conversations. If your people know the message, they will be able to follow.

Look act and be a real leader among your subordinates. People have a much easier time following someone who looks as they should. Your clothes should be clean and pressed. Your shoes should be polished. You should walk with confidence. And you also should support the subordinates as a leader supports them. And you have to be trust worthy and win the trust among your employees that you sure can do something right and you are a good supervisor. And you have to earn the trust by being truthful. The things you say at the office meetings should be put into action in the same way outside in the workplace without any changes or delays. And the final point being passionate and caring about your people. You can’t supervise people if you don’t like them. You shouldn’t become best friends with your staff, but you should know them and know what their problems are. The human resource has to be treated as a resource and their contribution to the management and business process should be acknowledged with much love.

Through these simple but yet effective measures, you can surely be a good supervisor.

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Why become a supervisor?

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As seen by many professionals in the organization structure management, the most basic benefit of becoming a supervisor is that you will be a manager in your agency and a vital player in the development of your subordinates and the department. This should be a prime motivational factor for you.  And as with every promotion there’s the financial incentive, with the promotion as a supervisor too people have that advantage. As a supervisor, you demonstrate your leadership abilities. Discussions can take place between the subordinates about you and your supervisory skills and this exchange of ideas actually helps to develop your own leadership abilities because you will start to think like a supervisor, which is very important. As a supervisor you will be able to develop information on the best ways to improve procedures and policies that are for the good of the department. You see, as a supervisor your voice can be heard and you can influence not only your superiors, but also your troops. Becoming a supervisor is a great thing, something you’ve worked for during your entire career. It is more than just giving orders or assigning officers to a beat every day.

As a supervisor, you are in charge of every happing this in the field. You will review all of the actions of your officers and determine what training may be useful in their development. You can create scenarios or situations for training purposes. And you will face new challenges such as becoming a mentor, a confidant, a cheerleader, a disciplinarian, and you will be able to help other personnel develop their breadth of knowledge in their chosen profession. With your assistance, some day they can advance in their career. And then again you will become a role model to many. Amongst all the bad words spreading about you and your job tasks still making an effort to perform well will eventually pay off you in a direct and non-direct manner and you can be proud of your work performance as a supervisor in your organization after some time.

Being a supervisor and helping the organization with its managerial tasks can be a satisfying job in the long run. It can be seen as a very challenging job to be performed and due to the disapproval and dislike of the employees but in the long run the people will value your effort and presence and performance. Others will tell you how much you have meant to their career and how they have patterned their own career after yours.

You will be proud that you, as a supervisor, were able to make such a difference. This is one of the highest tributes that anyone can bestow on you. Believe me; your world will change because of it! And the normal payment for a management level supervisor job post is relatively above to the normal wage of the other employees so that can be seen as a major benefit as well. So the job of a supervisor is quite challenging, not very easy to handle but still vital for the organizational process and procedure and comes with a good pay. So why not become a supervisor with proper qualifications?

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